Administrative HELL

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Administrative Hell
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Are you an administrative assistant? A secretary or receptionist? Do you work in an office answering phones and dealing with people?!?!?! Tell us about. Tell us how they annoy you, and the stupid things your co-workers do that endlessly bother you.

They don't put the toilet seat down? They don't answer the phone? They stand at your desk doing nothing? You know you all deal with it, now let it all out! If you hold that all in, one day, you may be on the news.

If you know anyone else that would enjoy this community, please let them know about it!!!

Also here is a great community that someone recommended as a resource, The name is admin_prof and as their community is intended as a resource for administrative professionals (administrative assistants, secretaries, word processors, receptionists, etc.) to talk shop. Post questions, share tips, talk about software, procedure, protocol, share what might help others with similar jobs, or ask questions of your peers to help yourself.